Brightlights Theatre

Club and activity for people aged over 50 offered by Registered Charity Little Actors Theatre
Club and activity for people aged over 50 offered by Registered Charity Little Actors Theatre

Day: Fridays
Time: 11am-1pm
Venue: Neston Town Hall

Main Aim: To rehearse plays

Director/writer – Mike Lockley
Producer – Samantha Giblin

There will be evaluation forms at the end of the project to monitor impact and to
report back to the funders.

Funding: Funding bids are in at present and hopefully a new session will start in the spring of 2024

The funding will pay for the facilitators time and administrative costs and resources.
There is no funding for productions values so a shoestring approach to community theatre will be adopted.

General Information:
This project will involve the challenge of working on a shoestring budget to produce a community play.

Working with professional actor/writer/director Mike Lockley, the group will meet weekly to rehearse a play. The club members will be involved in sourcing or make their own props, costumes and set as well as learning a range of technical skills.

There will be a role for everyone in the group no matter what their experience or confidence level. We will encourage members of the group every step of the way and create a friendly, supportive atmosphere where we hope people will feel comfortable to try something new. We hope you will make friends through the camaraderie along the way.

At the very least the play will be video recorded so that everyone has a personal record of their work. Little Actors Theatre Company has the resources to create a black box
theatre space with tripod frames and curtains. You will be welcome to use the space when it is free to work independently in self run rehearsals, set design etc. If social distancing permits by December it may be possible to present the show before an audience.


• When an application form is signed, the members agree to abide by the regulations and terms and conditions.
• Please notify us of absence.
• Punctuality is important as lateness can disrupt the activity and the progress of members.
• Good attendance is essential if members are to make good progress, also once we are working on a project it causes problems if one member is missing.
• Members will need to bring their script and pencil to all rehearsals.
• The activities are facilitated by professional theatre practitioners. On occasions, such as illness, professional engagements, maternity leave etc., substitutions are unavoidable and appropriate replacement actor/facilitators are provided.
• Please read and note the contents of any literature sent out (usually by email) as this is the most effective way to communicate with all members. Copies will be provided for those without email addresses.

Please ensure clothing is loose fitting and footwear is suitable for rehearsals.

Membership Fees
• All membership fees are payable in advance before activities can be accessed.
• Alternative payment scales must be discussed and agreed in advance of the term commencing and subsequent payments must not fall into arrears or it will not be possible to access the activities.
• Cheques are payable to Little Actors Theatre Company. Sorry – no cash payments as it is not possible to bank cash in Neston
• Little Actors has to collect the membership subscriptions in advance in order to be able to keep Little Actors running. We have to be able to plan how to pay the facilitators and staff, hire the premises and rent the office. Also we have found that paying in advance can make a difference to how committed members feel to the classes – and regular attendance is very important to get the most out of the activity. However, we would urge you that if there is a problem to contact us as we would do our utmost to help.
• Late payment of membership subscriptions will result in:
a. A final reminder.
b. If payment is still not forthcoming then accessing the activities will cease. The activity is only available to fully paid members.

Payment details (if applicable:
Membership subscriptions are payable at the beginning of each term. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by sending cheques to the office.

1. All members are responsible for the care of the costumes that have been sourced (where relevant).
2. All members are encouraged to be involved in the ‘ensemble’ style approach to the activity.
3. The director’s decision is final in the ultimate decisions over casting, staging and direction.
4. Members are responsible for their own transport arrangements to tour venues and we encourage people to share arrangements.
5. Little Actors will work with group members to ensure the play is produced to a high level of achievement and delivered on time.
6. Little Actors will support the member Producers to ensure the play is delivered at each venue.