Little Actors Theatre Company offers a number of workshops to suit the age and ability of your child. If your child joins at an early age they will be able to progress with us to have the confidence and ability to perform on the stage.
DramaTots 2½ - 4 Year olds
Drama, music and dance for toddlers’ age 2½ – 4 years

Give your child the opportunity to express themselves in a safe, structured way with a forty minute class comprising of drama games, action songs and movement.

By the use of story-telling, music, movement and dance your child can increase their ability to listen attentively as well as trigger their imagination, take their first steps in verbal expression and build social awareness by interacting with others.

Through rhythmic movement they can develop gross and fine motor skills and co-ordination, develop physical expression and enjoy the sense of freedom and movement that dance can create.
It is a fact that when songs, rhymes and music are experienced by young children they are more likely to:

• Feel good about themselves
• Listen and respond expressively
• Be able to distinguish between sounds
• Increase their awareness of music
• Helps speech development

All these activities can help to increase their ability to become good learners, active listeners and encourage them to read for themselves in the long term
Please Note – For children to learn they need to feel safe which is why we ask parents/carers to supervise and participate with children under school age.

Theatre Clubs

Juniors 5-7year olds.
Progressing on from Drama Tots these weekly workshops comprises of drama, singing and dance. This is ground work training in preparation for the performance opportunities. Skills will be taught in;

• script work-writing and performing
• choreography
• voice production
• improvisation
• stage craft
• drama games

A combination of singing and dancing will be taught giving an insight into musical theatre techniques concentrating on developing voice and physicality.

At the same time there will be focus on building self confidence, a further development of their communication and literacy skills plus team work.

Seniors - 8-12 year olds

Continuing the development journey Children will be given the opportunity to use their acquired skills to be part of the annual production. Physical theatre is a powerful and creative performance technique so the play will be created using drama as well as utilising modern and contemporary dance and movement styles incorporating the physical theatre genre. The project will be experimental and will fully integrate the children in decision making and creation of the piece.

InterACT Youth Theatre Performance Company

Neston and Wanstead - 13+
The group specialises in new writing for young people and focuses on a more detailed approach to production techniques, drama, text work, improvisation and voice production.