Funding Asistance

Helped my daughter to overcome her shyness
I am a parent of an 11yr old girl who has been a member of Little Actors since partaking in the summer course last

August 2018 in which they produced some lovely work around the Greatest Showman theme (which my daughter

particularly enjoyed). She went on to join and has been going regularly every Saturday since then, and we have signed

up to this year’s summer course also.

This group has helped my daughter to overcome her shyness and she has developed a passion for performing arts,

particularly musical theatre and she recently played ‘Rizzo’ in her primary schools’ production of Grease where she

sang a solo on stage which quite honestly blew me away! I don’t believe 12 months ago she would have had the confidence

to do this. The funding I receive from the John Thaw Foundation enables my daughter to carry on with Little Actors,

without which I would not have the funds to pay as I am a single parent on limited income.

I am looking forward to seeing what they produce in the upcoming year and where my daughter goes with this in the future.

Kind regards