Celebrating Bounce Back Performance Projects

Fantastic achievements across all our Theatre Groups
Little Actors Theatre in Neston is celebrating achievements at the 2022 Leverhulme Drama Festival. After the pandemic we decided to go big or go home in Neston. So we entered FOUR plays in to the Leverhulme Drama Festival. Despite lots of COVID related problems we managed to actually present all four last week at this competitive festival.

The shows were:

A Right Royal Robbery – Saturday Theatre Club – Advanced group (aged 7-11)

Meet the Windsors – InterACT Youth Theatre (Juniors age 12)

Variations – InterACT Youth Theatre ages 13-18 (this is the National Theatre Connections project still to transfer to The Lowry).

The Queen and the Weaver – Brightlights Theatre Company for the over 50s (deferred from 2020)

Artistic Director, Samantha Giblin, produced all four plays and directed Variations and Mike Lockley directed the other 3 plays.

So the results were more than pleasing - we are delighted.

To summarise:

Of the 6 youth awards there were 10 youth nominations and WON 3

The adults group won an award too, so 4 awards in total.

Youth Presentations Award (set, costume, sound and lights etc)

Nominated: Variations and Meet the Windsors

Youth Originality Award

Nominated – A Right Royal Robbery

Best Youth Actor

Nominations – Oscar and Zachary

WINNER – Zachary for Variations (won this award for the second year running)_

Best Youth Actress

Nominations: Evie, Catriona and Addison/Juliet as the Police (all credit to Juliet who only took on this role 3 weeks ago - it just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it!)

WINNER – Catriona for Meet the Windsors (and she was in Variations taking on a role as late as January)

Youth Endeavour Award (an award for effort and creativity and being a good team)

WINNER - A Right Royal Robbery

Adult Presentation Award (set, costume, sound and lights)

WINNER – The Queen and the Weaver (won this award for the second year running). Set design by Trustees Ian and Sheila Thomson in partnership with Mike.

The adjudicator was very complimentary of all four shows and gave relevant and fair critique too. Congratulations to our winners and to all of our participants. A huge achievement. Well done and thanks to the wider staff team. Everyone can be very proud of themselves.