Join Brightlights Theatre on THE CRUISE!

Brightlights Theatre Company is an over 50s community theatre group
based in Neston Theatre Arts, Brook Street. The group came about
through a collaboration with Registered Charity Little Actors Theatre
and Brightlife Cheshire.

The group has a created a new play to enter in the Leverhulme Drama
Festival and they will premier the play 'THE CRUISE' on Tuesday 23rd
April at 7.30pm at the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight. The play has
been directed and produced by Mike Lockley and Samantha Giblin.

'The Cruise' will then transfer to Storyhouse on Sunday 12th May at
4.30pm. This is part of an intergenerational double bill with InterACT
Youth Theatre who are presenting Philip Ridley's 'SPARKLESHARK'

Tickets can be booked direct with the Gladstone Theatre on 0151 643 8757
or at Storyhouse by following the link

Brightlights Theatre hopes to carry on producing shows through to 2020
with another entry in the Leverhulme Drama Festival and they are looking
for sponsorship to support their access for all policy. Details about
the group are available from Little Actors on or 01513364302.
0151 336 4302
0151 336 4302

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